Our idea is aimed at teenagers and music fans, so they can manage their finances with an easy to use app which consists of various offers and promotions.

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About Us

We have aimed this startup at teenagers and music fans to manage their finances, notifications on pre-releases for concerts in order of getting in! We provide offers for using our application to help you maximise saving abilities. The features we included are; ease of use, custimization and in app promotions.


We are a startup company that aims to provide our users with a detailed understanding on how gamification can be employed in saving money as well as a fun user interface.


We have created this application to provide an easy to use interface for managing savings goals, especially for music concerts.


We have started this company in a matter of minutes with help from our friendly guys at Manifesto.


By collecting market research and hard earned sponsorships, we have been able to make an outstanding free to use application that benefits everyone.

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